Source code for pyotp.contrib.steam

import hashlib
from typing import Optional

from ..totp import TOTP

STEAM_CHARS = "23456789BCDFGHJKMNPQRTVWXY"  # steam's custom alphabet
STEAM_DEFAULT_DIGITS = 5  # Steam TOTP code length

[docs]class Steam(TOTP): """ Steam's custom TOTP. Subclass of `pyotp.totp.TOTP`. """ def __init__(self, s: str, name: Optional[str] = None, issuer: Optional[str] = None, interval: int = 30) -> None: """ :param s: secret in base32 format :param interval: the time interval in seconds for OTP. This defaults to 30. :param name: account name :param issuer: issuer """ self.interval = interval super().__init__(s=s, digits=10, digest=hashlib.sha1, name=name, issuer=issuer)
[docs] def generate_otp(self, input: int) -> str: """ :param input: the HMAC counter value to use as the OTP input. Usually either the counter, or the computed integer based on the Unix timestamp """ str_code = super().generate_otp(input) int_code = int(str_code) steam_code = "" total_chars = len(STEAM_CHARS) for _ in range(STEAM_DEFAULT_DIGITS): pos = int_code % total_chars char = STEAM_CHARS[int(pos)] steam_code += char int_code //= total_chars return steam_code